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Business Services

Our busniness services encompass a wide range of benefits for any size company.  Several of our CPAs provide  Management & Advisory Services.  Being familiar with your business in more than just a consulting capacity allows us to give a more in depth perception of where you are, where you are going, and where you would like to be.

Business Valuations

Our CPAs have extensive experience in looking at the total value of a business.  Regardless of your reason for needing a valuation - death of an owner, divorce, sale, etc. -  our CPAs can help.  Furthermore, we personal are Certified Valuation Analyst and are also a CPA.

There are many factors to consider when valuing a business, including the original costs and the fair market values of all the assets, any applicable discounts, and the potential future profits.  These factors and many others make valuing a business a complicated process; and depending on your situation, you may need an expert's report.

For these reasons it is important that you consult with a valuation specialist who is competent, trustworthy and experienced.

Employee Benefit Plans

Benefit plans such as pensions, 401(k)'s, and other retirement accounts can be complicated.  They can be even more complicated for a business experiencing growth and investing in its employee's futures.  

Out staff is familiar with the different options available and the benefits of each.  Moreover, we are knowledgeable in all the special accounting and regulatory rules that accompany these benefit plans.  

Not all plans are the same they are not 'one size fits all."  It is important to consult a CPA with the required knowledge and experience. Together, we can determine which plan is best for your business and your goals.

Business Planning & Forecasting

Many times an investor or lender will not only want to know where your business stands now, but where you would like to be and where you most likely will be in the near future.  Therefore, it is important that you consult with a professional who is familiar with your overall industry and your particular type of business.  

With this knowledge, our CPAs can estimate what your business's financial condition will be at a given point in time.  We can issue projected or forecasted financial statements that will show the likely position of your company.  

Life Insurance Analysis

Everyone knows it is important to insure against loss.  But how much insurance a person or entity needs is often a difficult question to answer.  Equally difficult is how, what, or whom to insure.  

For individuals, it is important that your policy is adequate to pay for expenses and provide a stable base for your family.  We can review your existing policy or help you find a new one  based on your needs and your wishes for your family.  There are many factors to consider including your income and its sources.  Likewise, there are many types if insurance plans and no one type is for everyone.  

It is important that key officers of a business - often referred to as "key men" - are insured.  It is especially important for small business since there is often only one or a few "key men" who know the daily operations and management of the business.  Insuring the life of these key men is important as it insures against the loss time and revenues that could be experienced from their death.

Our firm can help you find a policy that fits your needs by working closely with brokers and agencies.  we can help you identify who needs to be insured and for how much.

These are all important business decisions and affect your business's botom line.  Likewise, it important to discuss these issues and consult with someone who knows what you need to be protected.

Start-ups & Establishment

Starting a new business is always an exciting prospect.  To keep that excitement, it is important to address certain issues at the beginning before they turn into problems.  How should you organize?  Do you need a bookkeeper?  How do you handle withholdings and taxes? Do you need financial statements?  Is your business plan viable?  Are there any tax incentives for a new business?  For your industry?  What is your personal liability?  How can you get financing?

These are all questions that our staff can help you answer and keep you pointed in the right direction.  We have extensive experience in dealing with new businesses, and we work closely with many attorneys to help ensure that your are organized properly and are effectively protected.

There are many options for a new business structure: LLC, Partnership, Corporation, S-Corp, Sole proprietorship, etc.  Choosing the one that best fits your needs can be difficult without comensurate experience.  Each one has its benefits and downsides.  Each one files a different form of tax return, and some are not taxable at the entity level.  Just because a friend's business is structured a certain way does not mean it is right for you, or it could be.  

Because of these complexities, you should schedule a consult before acting hastily or without proper discussion with a professional.

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