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Litigation Support

Our CPAs have extensive experience in giving expert testimony regarding valuation.  This is often the value of a business during litigation or the value of assets in a divorce proceeding.  

Business litigation often arises from disputed values of companies, and our experts are capable of providing an accurate, reasonable, and defensible value.

Divorce proceedings generally include some dispute over the value of an asset and how to divide it.  Our CPAs have been valuing both community and separate property for decades.

Regardless of your need, our staff is accustomed to working with attorneys to derive values and providing testimony to explain and support those values.  

**LeGlue & Co is not a law firm and does not provide legal services or legal advice.  LeGlue & Co's litigation services are limited to valuation and other accounting services in support of litigation.  It is important to discuss your legal matters with an attorney.

  • Divorce & Property Settlements
  • Valuation Services
  • Expert Testimony
  • BP Claim Calculations